We want to Supercharge growth for startups

(And everyone in the investment chain)

“We’re on the same journey as all startups. We know how hard it is to get in front of the right people. We want to democratize that process by making it easy to find the right funding partner for your business.”
About Floww

Created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

We believe in building a fairer system for entrepreneurs based on merit, not bias. For you, and with you. The old system is broken and together we are creating a new way for you to connect. Meet the best investors, share your vision, your team, and your metrics. You control who sees your data, and when.

We saw how the old system worked, where entrepreneurs needed warm intros to meet investors, build trust and close deals. If your existing network didn't already include the right VCs, angels and relationships, you lost out. Well, not anymore. Now Floww gets you all buttoned up and puts you in front of the right people. Because access should be equal.

Martijn DeWever
Martijn DeWever
Founder, CEO Floww

We care about your success and set you up to win. You get a checklist of documents, including easy templates so you can shoot to score. Our trained team of accountants are here to help you with any of those tricky bits that so many entrepreneurs find intimidating. Cap table, forecasts, investor docs. Ready, set, go. So you can close the money you need to conquer your market.

Floww is a platform built with trust.

We are excited to be building this vision for you, and with you.