An End-to-End Solution.

Say goodbye to disconnected systems and lack of transparency. Floww fast tracks your company by feeding it directly into the investors pipeline, maximizing your chances of being seen. We combine our clever data engine with a clear visual experience to create a new way of managing your fundraising campaign and investor engagement.

Investor database

Search and connect to our growing database of investors. Filter 500+ target leads by sector and type (VC/PE, Accelerator or Angel Network).

Share your company data securely

Our link sharing capability allows you to generate unique access links for any investor. Don't worry, it's protected through email verification and can be instantly revoked.

Dynamic visuals

Give investors stunning visuals of your data and a concise overview of your business plan, team and progress.

Checked by our accountants

Getting advice on business financials can be costly and time consuming. Our team is always on hand to process your updated company data to make marketing easy and transparent.

Tracking and insights

We track target investor activity and engagement so you know which parts of your profile are receiving the most attention.

Instant collaboration

Increase confidence and your chances for follow-on investments from your investor base. Whether you're looking for VC funding or angel investment, maintain high engagement with interactive commenting.

Resource center

Our built-in resource center offers helpful materials in case you need some guidance when getting started. Download our cap table, company overview & financial model tools directly from the platform.

Increasing viewing capacity & democratizing access

Startups are often ignored by VC’s due to a lack of capacity. Traditional methods can involve VC's assessing high volumes of inbound opportunities with limited resource, leading them to prioritize referral-based deal flow. Floww solves this issue by organizing company data into a format that's easy to analyze through our sister application. We create capacity for investors to select companies based on their merit and not exclusively existing connections.

Investor management & reporting

Manage all of your investors, leads and company data in one environment. Once you find funding, administer your company reporting with the click of a button.

“A platform connecting investors and startups based on merit, clean data and transparency, rather than a system built on ‘warm introductions’.”
Mike Butcher Editor at Large